If you think you can
spot a liar

you’re lying to yourself.


Truth Intelligence Consulting

Science-backed interviewing, persuasion & influence, negotiation and deception-detection training and services.

Everyone lies. And, if they say they don’t, they’re lying. But in your business, detecting big lies—and nefarious liars—can be the difference between losing your livelihood on a multi-million-dollar business deal, facing a PR nightmare for choosing the wrong board member or losing a high-profile trial because your litigators can’t effectively cross-examine a hostile witness.

Evidence-based techniques to help businesses avoid deception, lost revenue, reputation damage and other corporate crises.

At Truth Intelligence Consulting, we’re experts in discerning truth from deception, fact from fiction. We train business professionals to differentiate between truth and lies using scientific, evidence-based methods to assess verbal cues. Our cognitive psychology and social-scientific techniques are non-coercive, versatile and grounded in the highest ethical standards. They are also scientifically validated by world-renowned experts in behavioral and social science.

If you’re serious about detecting deception in your business, let’s talk.


We’re a preferred provider for the u.S. Government for curriculum and training.

For more than five years, we’ve been the go-to consultants for numerous, top-tier federal investigative and regulatory agencies. We now offer those same practical, science-based curriculum, training and services in deception detection tactics, negotiation, and persuasion & influence techniques to business leaders and professionals across a wide range of industries.



Department of Homeland Security

United State Secret Service

Drug Enforcement Administration

Department of State

Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms

Federal Bureau of Investigation

State and Local Law Enforcement

International Investigative Agencies, jointly partnering with U.S. Law Enforcement groups

What truth intelligence is

Proven, non-coercive, ethical, science-based training and services for business, industry and government.

We train you to differentiate between truth and deception using evidence-based methods to assess verbal cues. We’re experts in non-coercive, scientific persuasion and influence techniques that adhere—by design—to the highest ethical standards.

Everything we do is grounded in science, from cognitive-based interviewing to deception-detection practices validated by world-renowned experts in behavioral and social science.

What truth intelligence is not

Body language experts, microexpression scholars or other truth-detection enthusiasts.

We understand. People that specialize in body language interpretation, microexpressions, autonomic indicators and any other truth-detection “techniques” can seem highly intriguing, even plausible. Plus, almost anybody can try them.

Unfortunately, most of what they offer simply has no basis in science or validated credibility. Of course, they’re fun to chat about at cocktail parties. If you’re into that sort of thing.

Finding the truth isn’t a game. If you sense something is awry in your business, let’s talk.