Eyewitness Testimony: Do you remember?

Studies show our memories are fragile, subject to revisions and susceptible to decay.

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“No Comment”

Counter-interrogation tactics of terrorists, fraudsters and criminals.

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A Smooth Operator

A person who achieves social success or manipulates others through a calm, charming, and persuasive manner

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Veterinary Employers Need to Do More Employee Vetting

Listen closely to a job candidate’s words and make note of what’s not said. Body language can be revealing.

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From Lickability to Likability

If you want clients to return, you must pass their sniff test. So, start by understanding the liking principle. Likability and being genuine about it are intrinsically linked.

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Liar, Liar! Pants on Fire!

Gaze aversion. Sweaty palms. Nervous speech. Grooming gestures. Many lay people, and even trained professionals, believe these nonverbal cues are tell-tale signs of deceit. Yet discerning whether someone is lying to you or not is an extraordinarily difficult task. A meta-analysis of more than 120 scientific studies reveal that behavioral differences between truth-tellers and liars…

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