Law Enforcement, DOD, and Security Professionals

Law Enforcement, DoD, and Security Professionals

Truth Intelligence Consulting will train your team to encourage cooperation, establish trust and rapport, and detect truth-telling with ethical, science-based interviewing methods.

Learn how to:

  • Effectively plan and prepare and successfully execute an interview or interrogation in any environment.
  • Optimized threat mitigation through culture change in the approach to interviewing, debriefing and deception detection.

Best Practices in Interrogation and Interviewing for Law Enforcement, Intelligence, and DoD units. Plan, Prepare and Execute an interview or debriefing in diverse environments. Understand and effectively overcome resistance.


  • Optimize threat mitigation, effectively plan questioning strategies.
  • Culture change utilizing advanced scientific concepts.
  • Understand cross cultural communication and deception indicators.


  • Science-Based Influence and Persuasion Methods
  • Science-based Interrogation and Interview Techniques
  • Science-Based Ethical Deception Identification Methods

Harness the power of science-based interview techniques and strategic evidence disclosure to get the facts and find the truth.

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Truth Intelligence Consulting trains professionals to discern truth from lies using practical, evidence-based techniques for assessing verbal cues. Our methods are non-coercive, versatile, grounded in the highest ethical standards, and scienti´Čücally validated by world-renowned experts within the behavioral and social science community.