Part 1 of our Ransomware Webinar Series

Learn how you can stop being a ransomware target. Large and small companies, cities and towns, even hospitals have fallen victim to ransomware attacks costing them $6T. But you can avoid this threat!

Three Part Ransomware Webinar Series
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Ransomware Attacker

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    In this Webinar Part 1:

    Prevent ransomware attacks with methods effectively utilized in national security and criminal investigations.

    Part 1

    Large and small public and private organizations face and fear ransomware attacks on an hourly basis. They need methods, in both technical and human engagement sphere to help them prepare and effectively respond pre- and post-attack.

    John Gervino and Mark Rasch have extensive expertise in collecting and understanding threat intelligence, dealing with active attacks, and then mitigating post attack damage.

    Below you will find three proposed webinars for each component of a ransomware attack.

    This webinar is One of a Three-part Ransomware Threat Intelligence webinar series.

    Part I: Before the attack
    Prevent ransomware attacks with methods used in counter terrorism/intelligence and criminal investigations.

    Part II: During the attack
    During the ransomware attacks---threat management and mitigation methods.

    Part III: After the attack
    After the ransomware attack---understand, and learn and prevent further attacks.


    Stop ransomware attacks before they occur.

    Webinar Panelists:

    John Gervino, Special Agent HSI, ret. 24 years of experience as an award-winning federal agent and recognized by the government as an expert interrogator focusing on counterterrorism. John has led sensitive global operations across the globe which led to the apprehension and interrogation and adjudication of countless foreign terrorists and criminals. Under President Obama, he led an elite team of expert interrogators assigned to the High Value Detainee Interrogation Group (HIG). John was appointed as a Mobile Interrogation Team (MIT) Leader and Lead Interrogator. Over the next 5 years Gervino led this team to adopt an innovative set of science-based interrogation skills to counter mounting global threats. As founder and president, the Truth Intelligence Consulting group, John, and his team have provided thousands of candidates from the private and public sectors with training on how to effectively utilize state-of-the-art, evidence based, non-coercive interviewing, interrogation, and deception detection methods which he has tested at the highest levels of US national security.

    Mark Rasch has more than 30 years of experience in cybersecurity and data privacy – including within the U.S. Department of Justice, where he created the DOJ Computer Crime Unit and Cyber-Forensics practice and prosecuted many early hacker cases including that of Robert Tappan Morris, the so-called “Cornell Internet Worm” in 1988. He was also instrumental in the investigations of the Cuckoo’s Egg “Hannover hackers” case, the prosecution of Kevin Mitnick, Kevin Poulsen, the Craigslist Murder case in Boston, and the Bradley/Chelsea Manning investigation. Mark is a talented and sought-after attorney and valuable asset to KJK’s Cybersecurity, Data Breach & Privacy team. His experience includes advising Fortune 100 companies on international cybersecurity and privacy compliance issues, data breach management, cloud security, The Internet of things (IoT) and AI and machine learning. Additionally, he is regularly called upon to help entities in the financial services, healthcare, entertainment, retail and manufacturing sectors.

    Dr. V. N. Berlin is a higher education entrepreneur in high tech sectors including cyber/cloud security. He established the University of the Potomac, the University of Fairfax (an online cybersecurity graduate university) and Mission Critical Institute (the first hands-on cybersecurity certification.) He also served as Chief of Experimental Methods at NIST, as well as Director of the Center of IT Education at Anteon Corporation (now GDIT). He earned his PhD in Industrial Engineering and Management Science from Northwestern University and his BA from Cornell University. He currently focuses on cybersecurity job creation systems targeting NIST 800-53/CMMC skilled positions.