The Science Behind The Truth.

We are a global leader in deception-detection, investigative interviewing training and curriculum development, and provide expert investigative services to include human-capital vetting, and litigation support, fraud auditing and insider threat training.


We’ll teach you and your professional team.

Learn our unique, proven, non-coercive cognitive psychology and social-scientific techniques to protect your business and give you a competitive edge.


We’re not just teachers. We’re doers.

If you’re facing a disconcerting situation in your business, you can hire us directly to support your team. We’ll help you avoid problems before they happen, or mitigate them if they do.


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Expert Investigative Interviewing Training | Curriculum Development

Whether it’s questioning a witness or suspect, or interviewing candidates for an important executive position, getting to the critical facts is the bottom line. We’ll train you to use scientifically proven techniques to get the information you need.

Expert Deception Detection, Persuasion and Negotiation Training | Curriculum Development

People think they can spot a liar. They can’t. They think they’re great negotiators. They’re not. Our proven scientific methods will help you expose deceptive people and practices. We can do it for you, or customize unique curriculum to teach you how to do it yourself.

Enhanced Due Diligence Investigation | Executive Vetting

Balance sheets and other due diligence documents only tell part of the story. We’ll help you dig much deeper so you can understand the whole story. And if you’re hiring someone important, we’ll help you choose wisely. Because sometimes even the most squeaky-clean people have something to hide. And they’re usually quite good at hiding it.

Litigation Support

In depositions and cross-examinations, if you’re not good at the art of strategic questioning, you’re not likely to pull the truth from someone determined to keep it from you. We’ll help you put the science of better questioning to work.

Financial Fraud Investigations/Audits

There are lots of schemers out there. And uncovering the material evidence of financial fraud isn’t easy. We’ll not only help you detect and mitigate fraud, but we’ll also help you put procedures in place to prevent it.

Counterintelligence Training | Secure Proprietary Information & Prevent Theft

Staying on top of your competition is critical. We’ll help you ethically gather competitive intelligence, and show you how to avoid giving away your own intellectual property to your competitive enemy.

Cultivation of Global Networks | Problem-solving

Expanding your business internationally can be exciting and lucrative. It can also be unforgiving and dangerous. We’ll help you prepare for it, avoid problems and solve them if they happen.

Insider Threat Intelligence

The most secure companies out there are often completely blind-sided by an insider threat. If you have even the slightest inkling that something isn’t right, we can help you identify it and mitigate it.

Cyber Security, Data Privacy and Threat Mitigation

Today, external threats to your business, your data and your livelihood lurk everywhere. If you’re not 100% sure you’re secure, we’ll help you prepare for it, investigate it or even deal with it.

Country-specific Personnel Safety and Security Awareness | Briefing and Training

Your best people can quickly become targets for bad actors in faraway lands. We’ll help you and your team understand overseas cultures, laws and threats.

If you’re serious about detecting deception in your business, let’s talk.